Are you tired of the same old channels?

Don't be! By ordering a television package from the Casey Mutual Telephone Company, you will have access to dozens of channels covering a variety of different genres. With good prices and selections, we offer our customers a new way to watch their favorite shows - in SD and even HD!

Digital T.V. Packages
Local Package - $39.95/Month
Basic Package - $74.95/Month
Expanded Package - $89.95/Month
Movie Packages
Starz / Encore Package - $12.95/Month
Showtime Package - $12.95/Month
HBO Package - $14.95/Month
Cinemax Package - $14.95/Month
Adult Channel - $16.95/ Month
Package Deals
  *Silver Package - Any Digital T.V. Package plus 2 Movie Packages (Save $6.95)
  *Gold Package - Any Digital T.V. Package plus 3 Movie Packages (Save $8.95)
**Diamond Package - Any Digital Package plus all 4 Movie Packages (Save $12.95)
**Platinum Package - Expanded Package, Adult Channel, plus all 4 Movie Channels (Save $18.95)
   *Includes 1st Regular Receiver free per month.
** Includes 1 DVR Receiver free per month.
Regular Receiver - $4.95/Month
DVR Receiver - $6.95/Month
Whole Home DVR Service - $2.95/Month
Channel lineup and pricing subject to change.

Digital TV Channel Lineup

Can't find the channel your looking for? You can get a new channel lineup here! Either choose an alphabetical or numeric lineup!

Click below to view or print a channel lineup.

Digital TV Remote Manuals

Need a little assistance figuring out the remote? Not to worry! We have a printable manual that helps explain all of its neat functions.

Click on the image of your remote below to view or print our TV remote manuals.