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Casey Telco Services

Fiber Optic Internet- Fiber Optic TV- Fiber Optic Phone


Stay Connected: Experience lightning-fast internet speeds with CaseyTelco. Our internet services offer reliable connectivity and unlimited data, ensuring you can stream, browse, and work without interruption. With plans ranging from basic to premium, there's an option for everyone. Enjoy seamless online experiences with our state-of-the-art network infrastructure and round-the-clock support.

digital tv

Entertainment for Everyone: Dive into a world of endless entertainment with CaseyTelco Digital TV. Our packages bring you a wide range of channels in crystal-clear HD quality, from local news to international movies, sports, and more. Tailor your TV experience with flexible packages and enjoy features like DVR service, parental controls, and multi-room viewing. Transform the way you watch television with Casey Telco.


Crystal-Clear Communication: Keep in touch with loved ones and the world around you with CaseyTelco Telephone Services. Our plans offer everything from unlimited local calling to international rates, along with essential features like caller ID, voicemail, and call forwarding. Whether for home or business, our telephone services provide reliable and clear connections, backed by our exceptional customer support.

Why Choose Casey Telco?

Reliable Services

Our commitment to reliability means you get uninterrupted service, whether you're calling, browsing, or watching.

Flexible Options

With a variety of plans and customizable packages, find the perfect fit for your needs and budget.

Quality Assurance

Enjoy the highest quality of service with crystal-clear call quality and HD TV channels.

Exceptional Support

Our dedicated team is always here to help, ensuring your satisfaction with round-the-clock assistance.

Ready to experience the best in communication and entertainment services? Choosing Casey Telco is easy. Call us at 641-746-2222 for personalized assistance. Join the Casey Telco family today and elevate your home and business connectivity and entertainment.

At Casey Telco, we're dedicated to providing you with the highest quality communication and entertainment services. 

Our diverse range of services is designed to meet all your needs, whether you're looking for reliable internet, immersive digital TV, or clear and dependable telephone services. Explore our offerings and discover how we can help you stay connected and entertained.

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